Alder Trail

There is a short but decent trail that can be found right at the Alder Medical Center, it is accessed from the upper parking lot, at the back end. When I take one of our family members to see the doctor, I usually head out to walk this trail while I wait for them to finish up at the docs. I have seen many songbirds but there are also squirrels and the occasional raccoons that can be found here in this hidden urban oasis. Read More….


Auger Point Trail

Auger Point Trail is located in Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island.  Strathcona Park is truly a  wilderness park. There are many high peaks here, most have trails that are well maintained. There are lakes and mountain tarns that are like jewels surrounded by the high country forests and meadows, some of these lakes have campsites complete with tent platforms to keep you off the ground. The whole park has many trails, some are easy short trails to various area wonders and waterfalls, others are week-long treks requiring wilderness skills. Read More….



Blinkhorn Trail

The Blinkhorn Trail is a beautiful, well-marked trail that wanders through rain forests overlooking Telegraph Cove. There are huge old trees and giant rock bluffs along the way. We always see amazing sights along this trail, Sometimes it’s whales in the ocean or black bears on the trail. Other times it’s some sort of mushroom or plant, you just never know what you might see, so keep your eyes open. Read More….


Campbell River Lookout Trail

To reach the Campbell River lookout trail, take the Sayward Road out of Campbell River. Drive past Menzies Bay,  and go past the Browns Bay road, the shake mill, and Grey River Nets. Just past here, you will see a turn-off on the right with a woodlot sign. Park here.  At the end of the short road, you will find the trailhead.  The beginning of this trail is fairly easy to hike, you meander through a nice forest with pretty creeks. But then you start to head uphill. Read More….



Canyon View Trail

The Canyon View Trail is a 6 km long hike through forests of giant fir trees, huge cedars, and thick rain forests. The hike is a great place to walk, taking about one to two hours to complete. The trailhead is located at the John Hart Generating Station off Highway 28. This trail is a loop that starts at the Hydro station and runs on both sides of the river, on the north side, you travel along and over many man-made salmon spawning streams where you can get great views of spawning salmon in the fall. Read More….



Crest Mountain Trail

The Crest Mountain Trail is a premier trail on north Vancouver Island. It is steep but the views of Kings Peak and Elkhorn Mountain along with the other Island mountains seen from the top make up for it. This is a pretty demanding trail. It will take you from 3 to 4 hours to reach the top, climbing steeply for most of the way, it’s a great trail. The trail is well defined and easy to follow, but it is physically demanding due to the steeply ascending terrain. This is a trail that only those in good physical condition should attempt it. Read More….


Dakota 576 Crash Site Trail

Dakota 576 Crash Site Trail, Vancouver Island, BCDuring a stormy day back in 1944, Captain JM Talbot attempted to make a landing at the Port Hardy airport, with the extreme weather, he missed his landing and besides the fact that they were extremely low on fuel, he was forced to circle around for a second attempt. Halfway through this maneuver, the plane ran out of fuel and he was forced to crash land into the forest just minutes from making his landing. Captain JM Talbot and his navigator, Captain TS Wordlow were both killed in the crash, Sgt. TR Moss who was in the cargo hold survived the crash. Read More….


Elk Falls Park Trails

The Elk Falls Park Trails are located just west of Campbell River on the Gold River Highway. It has a great many trails for hiking, picnic areas, and over 200 individual campsites along the Quinsam River. The quinsam river campsite provides great riverside camping in the heart of a world-renowned fishing area. Read More….




Forbidden Plateau Trail

Looking at the map of Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, you will notice an odd shape jutting out on the eastern side, this is Forbidden Plateau, The Forbidden Plateau Trail is easily hiked, incredibly beautiful and an awe inspiriting alpine plateau of open meadows and lush forest studded with lakes and ponds surrounded by high mountains. The area’s name creates curiosity in visitors and locals alike. Read More….



Harris Creek Spruce Trail

Sitka’s spruce are coastal trees, they can not be found further than 80 km from the ocean. They can grow right to the water’s edge as they can deal with and seem to relish in the salt spray. These spruce grow best in the lowlands along with the many inlets of the coast, it’s the weather here with the winter winds and the mists that make them grow so well. Read More….



Leiner River Bouldering Trail

The Leiner River Bouldering Trail wanders along a scenic stretch of the Leiner River, It’s a beautiful little river just outside of Tahsis on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Rock climbers like to practice their skills on the numerous, house-sized boulders that litter the slopes of the narrow valley. You climb under and over these boulders as you move along the trail. Read More….



Leiner River Estuary Trail

There are a parking lot and a restroom at the trailhead. You can enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll on the Leiner Estuary Trail, this trail is very nice with some great views of Tahsis, right across the inlet. This 2 km trail is a level trail with boardwalks and viewing platforms that are located in the Leiner River estuary. The trail access is from the Tahsis Road, just 500 meters short of town, and is well marked. Read More….


Memekay Brewster Lake Horse Trail

The Salmon Brewster Trail Corridor runs between Brewster Lake and the Memekay River, it is 40 km long. runs through a working forest and follows old railway grades. There is another camp at the Brewster lake Horse Camp Rec Site. The trails are mostly well-groomed by volunteers and the camps are awesome. You can hike this trail on foot but be warned, there are river crossings where you would have difficulties getting across without the use of a horse. Read More….



Mohun Creek to Morton Lake Trail

In the winter months the series of falls along the trail is pretty impressive, please be careful as the rocks can be slippery, and the water can run deep and fast.  This is an awesome hike, so much to see. Read More….




Mount H’Kusam Trail

Kusam Klimb Trail, Vancouver Island, BCThe Kusam Klimb is a wild and rugged 23 km loop heading up and over Mount H’Kusam and down the Stowe Creek watershed. Starting at sea level, hikers pass through some of the most spectacular scenery on Vancouver Island with views of mountain peaks and the Johnstone Strait as they negotiate their way over the well-developed trail. While the trail is open for year-round hiking, an organized event is held once per year on the summer solstice. Read More….



Nimpkish Lake Wind Surfing Trail

Nimpkish Lake Wind Surfing Trail, Vancouver Island, BCNimpkish lake is located in the Nimpkish Valley and it is a big lake. It is 20 km + long and quite narrow. The wind can come up on this body of water to produce some extremely large waves that will put you to shore to wait it out so be careful. On the other hand, it is an ideal place to wind-surf or kite-sail. The water in the Nimpkish is deep and cold, the winds can be very strong and the waves can become quite massive. This is a lake for those who have at least some experience of wind-surfing. Read More….



Quinsam River Trail

The Quinsam River Trailhead, is located at the Quinsam Campgrounds Park, to reach the park, take Hwy 28 from Campbell River until you reach the Quinsam River bridge, you will find parking on the side of the road just opposite the campground. The trail runs through the campgrounds and continues up along the Quinsam River to the Argonaut road. Here you will find another parking lot and the trail continues up until you reach the Quinsam River Hatchery. Read More….



San Josef Bay

San Josef Bay Trail, Vancouver Island, BCIt was 4:30 in the morning and we were just loading the truck for a trip to San Josef Bay. It was going to be a long drive from Sayward and we wanted to get an early start. A friend was visiting from Holland and he was stoked on seeing the sea stacks that have formed in the bay. The bay is located just past Holberg and is on the southern end of the Cape Scott Provincial Park. Read More….



Vancouver Island Trail

Vancouver Island Trail, Vancouver Island, BCThe trail is an incredible walking experience that can take from 2 to 3 months to complete for the average hiker. But the trail is not just for long-distance hikers, day hikers can get on the trail from many access points. The concept of this trail began many years ago by a group of forward-thinking hikers, Gilbert Parker, Vancouver island Trail past president, formed the organization in 2008, they were incorporated as a non-profit in 2009 and there has been nothing stopping them from building this trail since. Read More….


The Trails between Botany Bay and Botanical beach is an incredible walk through a forest of windswept and twisted trees, it’s a beautiful place, a place of wonder.

For 7 years researchers and students journeyed here to study at the seaside Marine Station. To get here, they would travel from Victoria to Port Renfrew by steamer, then traverse some very steep, muddy, and narrow trails to the station. There was talk about building a better road to the bay, but it never got built, this all but sealed the fate of the station, it was closed in 1907.

Why do we hike, this short video will answer that question.

When you are hiking in the area, if you look close, you can still see remnants of the buildings sticking out of the west coast rain forest. There is a lot of history here, but you need to look close, as the west coast rain forest is claiming the land back once more. The area became a provincial park in 1989.

Botanical Beach, photo by Bud Logan
Botanical Beach, photo by Bud Logan

The beaches at both botany bay and botanical beach are full of a wide variety of sea life. Both plant and animal life is in abundance, and each has adapted to contend with the variable conditions found here.


Black bears and cougars can also be present at any time. Black bears can become used to feeding on garbage, so to avoid teaching bears about trash, please pack out what you pack in. Cougars normally avoid people and are rarely seen, but please leave pets at home if possible and watch over young children.

Pachena Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan
Pachena Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

British Columbia’s toughest and most beautiful trail is the West Coast Trail, situated in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on the west coast of the island. Considered by some to be the toughest trail in North America, the trail traverses 75 km of wind-worn and storm-tossed coastal shoreline, you will see giant cedars, huge hemlock and unending spruce forests, cliffs, beaches, sandstone ledges, and suspension bridges spanning rivers and streams. This is Vancouver Island wilderness, wild and wet even in the summer. Hikers who attempt this trail must be fit and well equipped for the backcountry.

China Beach Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
China Beach Trail, Photo By Bud Logan

Then there is the 47 km Juan de Fuca Marine Trail in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park boasts scenery similar to West Coast Trail, but with vehicle-accessible points at several spots along the trail, making it a favorite for beginners and day hikers. The trail begins at China Beach and ends at Botanical Beach. It’s a pretty awesome hike.

China Beach is a very beautiful beach, a great place to go for a weekend walk. China Beach also has a great campground that is located in the west coast rain forests that grow so lush on our coast. The trail down to the beach is quite pleasant with some incredible views, not too difficult to walk and the beach at the end is awe-inspiring, to say the least. There are 78 drive-in campsites available at this campground.

China Beach, Vancouver Island, BC
China Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Campsite reservations are accepted and a few first-come, first-served sites are also available. Some facilities are wheelchair accessible; pit toilets and water taps are located throughout the campground. China Beach itself is a great place to picnic and beachcomb.

Remember that black bears and cougars may be present. It would be a good idea to leave pets at home and keep your children in your sight. Lately, we have seen a number of wolves showing up along the trails of the west coast, more north of here, but you should keep pets on a leash at all times.

Take a wander to the western end of the beach during the wet season and you will see a waterfall that will take your breath away. You can walk along the shore to second beach or if you are camping, you can reach it by taking a wonderful trail through the forest to reach it. The waterfall is pretty awesome during the wet season.

Gray Whale, Vancouver Island, BC
Gray Whale, Vancouver Island, BC

In the spring and fall, you might get to see a grey whale as they migrate along the coast. So keep your eyes open and your camera ready. The best times to see whales are in March and April, as they migrate past the island on their way north to the feeding grounds.

Then there is Strathcona Park with trails that can take into some incredibly beautiful backcountry with awesome mountain vistas, trails like the Forbidden Plateau trails, or the Flower Ridge Trail with its display of flowers in the spring. You can hike into Della Falls, the highest falls in Canada, or run across Buttle lake and hike up to Marble Meadows and be blown away by the expanse of these meadows and maybe see a Marmot.

Woss Lake Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
Woss Lake Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

There are many other mountain trails on the coast and some very historical trails like the Woss grease trail, First people used this trail to take grease for trade to the west coast areas. This trail runs from Woss to Tahsis, it is hundreds of years old if not older.

I love getting out in the high country, you should try it,  put on your boots, grab your pack and camera and head out to see what the island has to offer.

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