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Alder Trail

There is a short but decent trail that can be found right at the Alder Medical Center, it is accessed from the upper parking lot, at the back end. When I take one of our family members to see the doctor, I usually head out to walk this trail while I wait for them to finish up at the docs. I have seen many songbirds but there are also squirrels and the occasional raccoons that can be found here in this hidden urban oasis. Read More….



Blinkhorn Trail

The Blinkhorn Trail is a beautiful, well-marked trail that wanders through rain forests overlooking Telegraph Cove. There are huge old trees and giant rock bluffs along the way. We always see amazing sights along this trail, Sometimes its whales in the ocean or black bears on the trail. Other times its some sort of mushroom or plant, you just never know what you might see, so keep your eyes open. Read More….



Canyon View Trail

The Canyon View Trail is a 6 km long hike through forests of giant fir trees, huge cedars, and thick rain forest. The hike is a great place to walk, taking about one to two hours to complete. The trailhead is located at the John Hart Generating Station off Highway 28. This trail is a loop that starts at the Hydro station and runs on both sides of the river, on the north side, you travel along and over many man-made salmon spawning streams where you can get great views of spawning salmon in the fall. Read More….



Crest Mountain Trail

The Crest Mountain Trail is a premier trail on north Vancouver Island. It is steep but the views of Kings Peak and Elkhorn Mountain along with the other Island mountains seen from the top make up for it. This a pretty demanding trail. It will take you from 3 to 4 hours to reach the top, climbing steeply for most of the way, its a great trail. The trail is well defined and easy to follow, but it is physically demanding due to the steeply ascending terrain. This is a trail that only those in good physical condition should attempt it. Read More….


Forbidden Plateau Trail

Looking at the map of Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, you will notice a odd shape jutting out on the eastern side, this is Forbidden Plateau, The Forbidden Plateau Trail is easily hiked, incredible beautiful and an awe inspiriting alpine plateau of open meadows and lush forest studded with lakes and ponds surrounded by high mountains. The area’s name creates curiosity in visitors and locals alike. Read More….



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