Blinkhorn Trail

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Blinkhorn Trail, Pacific Northwest Trails
Blinkhorn Trail, Telegraph Cove, Photo By Robert Logan

The Blinkhorn Trail is a beautiful, well-marked trail that wanders through rain forests overlooking Telegraph Cove. There are huge old trees and giant rock bluffs along the way. We always see amazing sights along this trail, Sometimes its whales in the ocean or black bears on the trail. Other times its some sort of mushroom or plant, you just never know what you might see, so keep your eyes open.

For part of the way, you walk the old telegraph trail and then in other areas, you follow natural animal trails. The telegraph trail was put in 1912 when the line was extended to the area, the cove was renamed Telegraph Cove by Alfred  (the Duke) Wastell. The Superintendent of Telegraphs was looking to complete the line from Campbell River to the north island and the Duke requested it be put in here, the Superintendent agreed but needed a place name for the area, it was renamed at that moment.

Blinkhorn Trail, Pacific Northwest Trails
One of the views from the Blinkhorn Trail, Photo By Robert Logan

The hike departs from the Telegraph Cove Resorts Campsite number 94 and takes 2.5 to 3 hours of easy walking to get to Blinkhorn Light. Allow 5 to 6 hours for the round trip. This is a great trail, it was created by Dave Farrant, Dave grew up in Telegraph Cove and was the perfect person to create such a trail.

You can walk to the lookout in about 2 hours return if you only have a few hours and you can see from the photos that the lookout is just awesome. Wear good hiking shoes as some rocks and tree roots on the path can be wet and slippery and there are a few areas of the trail that can get quite muddy.

Bring a lunch and have a picnic on the bluffs overlooking the sea. Bring your camera and watch for birds and wildlife.

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