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Leiner River Bouldering Trail

The Leiner River Bouldering Trail wanders along a scenic stretch of the Leiner River, Its a beautiful little river just outside of Tahsis on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Rock climbers like to practice their skills on the numerous, house-sized boulders that litter the slopes of the narrow valley. You climb under and over these boulders as you move along the trail. Read More….



Leiner River Estuary Trail

There are a parking lot and restroom at the trailhead. You can enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll on the Leiner Estuary Trail, this trail is very nice with some great views of Tahsis, right across the inlet. This 2 km trail is a level trail with boardwalks and viewing platforms that are located in the Leiner River estuary. The trail access is from the Tahsis Road, just 500 metres short of town and is well marked. Read More….



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