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Alice Falls

Alice Falls is a pretty but small waterfall that flows into the Neroutsos Inlet just past the town of Port Alice, you will drive by a very small pullout just past the mill but keep your eyes open or you could miss it. There is only room for one car or truck to park here but its usually empty. The falls are visible from where you park. Read More….



Ammonite Falls

Nanaimo has some incredible rivers, creeks, and waterfalls, all are fairly easy to reach and they are for the most part well worth the hike. A short by very pleasant hike is the trail that takes you into Ammonite Falls on the Benson River. The hike in is quite pleasing and you could see deer, raccoons, possible elk or black bears along with any number of birds. Read More….



Brown River Falls

The Brown River has a series of falls that are called the Medicine Bowls. They are located off Forbidden Plateau Road, just outside of the Comox Valley. These are awesome falls and easy to get too. These waterfalls on the Browns River were carved out by the force of the rushing currents. The Medicine Bowls Trail is a great hike for novice walkers offering spectacular views. Read More….



Cassel Falls

Cassel Falls, located just below Cassel lake is very impressive and the lake is one of the best swimming lakes that I know of. Its waters during the summer months can reach a balmy 26°C. After swimming in the lake, you can head back down the trail and take a wonderful and relaxing splash in the falls, there is nothing like the gentle massage of sitting under a waterfall, letting the warm waters cascade over your body. Read More….



Christi Falls

The Bush Creek and its wonderful waterfall, Christie Falls is located above the Bush Creek Hatchery in Ladysmith, you can reach the falls easily when they are doing maintenance work at the hatchery. The rest of the time you have to park outside the gate and hike 2.5 km walk along an old logging road to reach the trail that takes you up to the falls. Read More….



Conuma Gorge Falls

The Conuma Gorge Falls is located on the road to Tahsis and is quite the set of falls, one after another wild drop. The Conuma gorge is one of those wild river gorges that can be run in a kayak, at certain times. This is a fast water coarse that drops quickly down to the road. Read More….



Elk Falls

Elk Falls Park has a wide variety of birds including great blue herons, killdeer, ravens, crows, chestnut-backed chickadees, and eagles being the most abundant resident bird species. In 2015, a new suspension bridge opened up to the public, the bridge is built over the falls and gives you some incredible views, this is world-class and a must-see for everyone. Read More….



Englishman River Falls

Englishman River Falls is located 13 km southwest of Parksville on central Vancouver Island. Take the Port Alberni road at Parksville and follow the directional signs that are posted about 9 km up the road. The river is situated in the Englishman River park just north of Nanaimo, this park features two incredible waterfalls in a deep canyon. Read More….



Eternal Fountain Falls

A trip to the north island has to include the beautiful Eternal Fountain. This fountain waterfall is something to see, its a waterfall that comes out of the rock, falls down about 5 meters and disappears back into the mountain. Now if the beauty of these falls is not enough, then you should drop down to the base of the falls and go behind to discover another totally underground falls and a beautiful cave sculpted out of the rock by the water. Read More….



Gold Stream Falls

First growth forests, incredible waterfalls, rushing rivers, flowers, birds and spawning fish are but a few of the reasons to visit Goldstream Provincial Park. The two Goldstream Falls are incredible, the upper Goldstream Falls and the lower Niagara Falls. Goldstream’s numerous trails are another good reason to come to the park.  Read More….



Lady Falls

When you plan a visit to North Vancouver Island, be sure to visit Lady Falls along with the other falls in the area. This short trail is an enjoyable hike to an awesome waterfall, we love this spot. The hike is a bit of an uphill walk in, but well worth the effort to get there. You can visit lupine falls, karst creek, Tsuxwin Falls or the lower and upper Myra falls as well. Read More….



Little Qualicum Falls

Little Qualicum Falls is on the Little Qualicum River just west of Parksville, the park has one waterfall after another as the river rushes from Cameron Lake and heads to the sea. The river runs through some incredible canyons surrounded by a beautiful west coast forest setting. Read More….



Marble River Falls

The Marble River rapids and bear Falls are quite beautiful, it is one of the best steelhead rivers on Vancouver Island. This is a classic river that is perfect for the fly fishing purist, the rivers cascades down the canyons with a roar, the water is crystal clear and the pools are deep and full of fish. Read More….



Myra Falls

Myra Falls is located in Strathcona Provincial Park on the south end of buttle lake on Vancouver Island. This rugged forest Park offers many recreational opportunities and some awesome hiking and backcountry camping. Trails range from 15-minute walks to more than 8-hour hikes. A short trails lead from the Boliden Westmin mine to the incredible lower Falls and a longer trail heads to the upper falls. Read More….



Nymph Falls

Nymph falls is a beautiful little park and a great place for hiking. You can watch the salmon spawning run in the fall, it’s awesome to watch them swim up the past the falls as they run up the fish ladder. The river and falls are located right in the middle of a wondrous rain forest that is full of old trees that are covered in a velvety soft and green moss, an incredible place of beauty. Read More….



Stotan Falls

Stoton Falls is a wonderful place for swimming and hiking. You can swim in any of the potholes that can warm up so nicely or for the more adventurous swimmers, there are some great cliffs to jump from. Stoton Falls is generally a safe place to swim, however, be sure to check the water levels as the river can get dangerous when the water levels rise. Read More….



Three Sisters Falls

To reach the Three Sisters Falls, you take the head bay rd from just outside Gold River and travel almost to Tahsis, as you drive along the road, keep an eye out for the three sisters waterfalls sign on the side. The Three Sisters Falls cascade down the mountain in a spectacular fashion dropping a total of 1573 meters from the top of Malaspina Peak. This is an incredible sight to see. Read More….



Tsuxwin Falls

If you follow highway 28 past Gold River, the road travels along Gold River to the ocean at Muchalat Inlet. About halfway along is a stunning view of the Gold River canyon and a large waterfall at the tsuxwin Viewpoint. The Tsuxwin Falls viewpoint features a picnic site strategically placed near the side of the river cascading down a 600-foot drop. This is a very impressive waterfall during the spring runoff. Read More….


Elk Falls
Elk Falls, Photo By Robert Logan

Vancouver Island has many wonderful waterfalls, from the small unnamed falls on creeks and rivers all over the Island right up to the tallest falls in Canada, which is Della Falls located in Strathcona Park. Vancouver Island is a land of falling water.

Vancouver Island is covered by a temperate Rain forest and it receive’s an incredible amount of rain fall. This in turn feeds waterfalls up and down the Island. We have listed some of the best but there are so many un named and hidden falls on the Island that are not listed here or anywhere’s for that matter.

Hike along any river or creek or head up any mountain and you will see what I mean. Vancouver Island has many trails that will take you to some awesome waterfalls but along these trails, you have the opportunity to view various ecosystems at work and the incredible diversity of its plants, trees and wildlife.

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