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Waterfalls, Pacific Northwest

Puntledge Falls, Waterfalls
Puntledge Falls, Photo By Bud Logan

The BC coastal region has many wonderful Waterfalls, from the small unnamed falls on creeks and rivers all over the coast right up to the tallest falls in Canada, which is Della Falls located in Strathcona Park. We live in a land of falling water.

The coast is covered by a temperate Rain forest and it receives an incredible amount of rain fall annually. This in turn feeds waterfalls up and down the coastal region. We have listed some of the best but there are so many unnamed and hidden falls on the coast of BC that are not listed here or anywhere for that matter.

Myra Falls, Waterfalls
Myra Falls, Photo By Robert Logan

Hike along any river or creek or head up any mountain and you will see what I mean. The coastal region has many trails that will take you to some awesome waterfalls but along these trails, you have the opportunity to view various ecosystems at work and the incredible diversity of its plants, trees and wildlife.

You could see grizzle bears, black bears, deer, both black tail and mule deer, roosevelt elk, cougars, wolves and other kinds of small forest creatures along with an incredible display of wildflowers that changes with your elevation. As you get up higher, you could see mountain goats or big horn sheep, marmots and again, wildflowers everywhere. At the base of most waterfalls, in the fall, you can see the salmon as they gather their strength to make the leaps needed to get beyond the falls to the place of their birth. This is where the bears gather to fish. Along the rivers edge you will see sea wolves as they feast on this bounty, they are a sub-species of the grey wolf. They are fish eaters.

Waterfalls are pretty awesome, we will be actively searching out new falls to add to the site. Its quite exciting when you see a waterfall for the first time.

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