Alice Falls

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Alice Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Alice Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Alice Falls is a pretty but small waterfall that flows into the Neroutsos Inlet just past the town of Port Alice, you will drive by a very small pull out just past the mill but keep your eyes open or you could miss it. There is only room for one car or truck to park here but its usually empty. The falls are visible from where you park.

Just past Alice Falls, you will reach the colonial creek estuary that also flows into the Neroutsos inlet, the estuary is a great place for wildlife viewing. You have a good chance of seeing deer, elk, black bears and cougars along with incredible bird watching opportunities. The eagles here are an incredible sight and during the herring runs in the last days of winter is the best time to view them.

Colonial Creek Estuary, Vancouver Island, BC
Colonial Creek Estuary, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

In late September, early October the salmon return to colonial creek and you can see them along with the black bears, this is an awesome experience. The inlet is a great place to explore by kayak and the sights you will see will simply amaze you. You could see whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and you will always see the sea otters, just love these little guys. There are many other waterfalls along the shore, keep your eyes open.

The town itself has accommodation, restaurants, a golf course you won’t believe and some of the best fishing on the west coast, both salt, and freshwater. In the area there are many rivers and lakes just teeming with trout, dollies, and steelhead, so grab your rods, pack a big picnic lunch and don’t forget to bring your camera so you can take home some memories.

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