Browns River Falls

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Waterfalls, Pacific Northwest

Browns River Falls
Brown River Falls (Medicine Bowl Falls), Photo By Bud Logan

The Brown River has a series of falls  that are called the Medicine Bowls. They are located off Forbidden Plateau Road, just outside of the Comox Valley. These are awesome falls and easy to get too.

Three waterfalls born from Browns River that were carved out by the force of nature and rushing currents. The Medicine Bowls Trail is a great hike for novice walkers offering spectacular views after a short 2 km walk on a dirt road at the end of Forbidden Plateau Road west of Courtenay, BC. I have driven my car into this spot but would not recommend you use this road unless you have a 4×4 vehicle. The road can be quite rough. At the end of the road is a large turnaround area where you will see a memorial to 2 young swimmers who lost their lives here. This is a very popular swimming hole, but dangerous, one should be careful as the rocks can be very slippery.

At the parking area you will see a trail heading down, you walk along this trail for about 1/2 km and then you will reach the falls and canyon. Please be careful here, like i stated already, the rocks can be very slippery and you could easily slip, fall and hurt yourselves or worse.

Browns River Falls
Brown River Falls, Photo By Bud Logan

In the summer the river water drops, and you are left with these fabulous “bowls” of water, just like a hot tub! The rock is sandstone, so it gets real hot. These bowls are awesome to see, and when the water is running high in the winter, it is incredible to see. After a big winter rain, the water can be quite high and it thunders down these falls with a roar.

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