Cassel Falls

Cassel Falls, West Redonda Island, BC

Cassel Falls, West Redonda Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

Cassel Falls, located just below Cassel lake is very impressive, and the lake is one of the best swimming lakes that I know of. Its waters during the summer months can reach a balmy 26 °C. After swimming in the lake, you can head back down the trail and take a wonderful and relaxing splash in the falls, there is nothing like the gentle massage of sitting under a waterfall, letting the warm waters cascade over your body. At high tide, Cassel falls drops 30 meters straight into the sea, it’s a very beautiful waterfall. Cassel Falls is located in the beautiful Teakerne Arm Provincial Park, off Lewis Channel on the west side of West Redonda Island.

The Island has three provincial parks and several lakes, all are just awesome for hiking, swimming, and kayaking. There is plenty of old-growth forests, trails, and hidden bays to explore on the island, with lots of wildlife, both land-based and marine. This area is a photographer’s dream.

Cassel Falls, West Redonda Island, BC
Cassel Falls, West Redonda Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

After visiting the falls and hiking up to the lake, you can take a trail that will lead you to the nearby Black Lake that is in the Roscoe Bay Provincial Park. The park is located in a small inlet on the east side of West Redonda Island. This park is a popular summer spot for those who like to be a little more isolated.

Also, on the east side of the island is the Walsh Cove Provincial Park provides a safe and scenic anchorage.  All along the shores there is an abundance of seafood like clams and oysters, this is also a great spot to come ashore for a beach fire.

I highly recommend a visit to West Redonda Island to see the Cassel falls, visit the lakes and enjoy the sun.

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