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Christi Falls

Christie Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Christie Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Bush Creek and its wonderful waterfall, Christie Falls is located above the Bush Creek Hatchery in Ladysmith, you can reach the falls easily when they are doing maintenance work at the hatchery. The rest of the time you have to park outside the gate and hike a 2.5 km walk along an old logging road to reach the trail that takes you up to the falls. I do recommend that even if the gates are open that you park here and walk-in, there is a good chance of seeing wildlife, and you will not wind up locked in behind a gate.

To reach the falls from Ladysmith, take Highway 1 to Grouhel Road and turn left. Turn right onto Christie Road. At a stop sign, turn left and drive to the orange Timber West gate. From there, the hatchery gates should be visible. Most times the gates will be closed, and you must park here to walk in, please do not block the road.

Once you reach the hatchery, look up along the left side of the creek for a trail, it’s not far from the bridge. The trail will lead you up past many small falls and eventually guide you to the first main falls. The hike is very pleasant, and the first falls are quite beautiful. But this is not the end, just below these falls, you should see a log across the creek with some rope railings to use in getting to the other side. It’s a bit of a scary crossing but once over you can head up a trail to the next falls. This one is pretty awesome and truly a must-see.

Christie Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Christie Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

If you care to, you can find a rope-aided trail to the left of these falls that will with a bit of effort, take you up to the top of the falls, another must-see. You can hike up the creek further from here for some amazing views.

This is a nice set of falls and when you come, pack a lunch, bring your camera and spend some time here.

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