Eternal Fountain Falls

Eternal Fountain Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Eternal Fountain Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

A trip to the north island has to include the beautiful Eternal Fountain. This fountain waterfall is something to see, it’s a waterfall that comes out of the rock, falls down about 5 meters, and disappears back into the mountain. Now if the beauty of these falls is not enough, then you should drop to the base of the falls and go behind to discover another totally underground falls and a beautiful cave sculpted out of the rock by the water. The tunnel twist and turns as it follows an underground stream as it roars through the cave to the end where it drops into a deep sump and disappears. Awesome to see, but please be careful as the rock can be very slippery.

To get to the Eternal Fountain along with the Devils Bath and the Disappearing River from hwy19,  turn off onto the Keogh Rd just north of Port McNeil and head south, a short distance down the

Keogh road, you will see a large directional sign with a map of the Alice Lake Loop, this is where you choose your route. The drive, depending on which route you take, is about 100 km. These are gravel logging roads so driving time for the loop will be about 2 to 3 hours. Each stop has lots to explore and numerous trails to see it all so leave yourself enough time to see it all.

Eternal Fountain Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Eternal Fountain Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

On this trip around the loop, you will have a good chance of seeing bears, elk, cougars, deer, wolves, and any number of smaller forest creatures and if that is not enough, the bird-life is just incredible. The numerous lakes you will pass have exceptional fishing along with great camping areas, so you could take several days traveling the loop and really get to see the north island and all it has to offer.

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