Lady Falls

Lady Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Lady Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

When you plan a visit to North Vancouver Island, be sure to visit Lady Falls along with the other falls in the area. This short trail is an enjoyable hike to an awesome waterfall, we love this spot. The hike is a bit of an uphill walk in, but well worth the effort to get there. You can visit lupine falls, karst creek, Tsuxwin Falls or the lower and upper Myra falls as well.

There are many other great picnic spots and trails in the area like the Crest Mountain Trail, the Elk River Trail, the Marble Meadows Trail, or the Flower Ridge Trail to name a few. All are awesome, some are much tougher to do than others, some are wheelchair ready.

The whole area has some of the best wildlife viewing on the Island and if you visit, do not forget your camera. You could see black bears, cougars, Roosevelt elk, blacktail deer, wolves, and many smaller forest creatures like pine martins and raccoons, along with an amazing variety of birds.

Lady Falls is a very beautiful waterfall that is an undercut waterfall located along Cervus Creek within Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. The falls drop about 30 meters. The creeks drainage area is large enough that the falls flow strong even late in the summer. So they are always impressive to view.

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