Marble River Falls

Marble River Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Marble River Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Marble River rapids and bear Falls are quite beautiful, it is one of the best steelhead rivers on Vancouver Island. This is a classic river that is perfect for the fly-fishing purist, the river cascades down the canyons with a roar, the water is crystal clear and the pools are deep and full of fish.

The Marble River runs from Alice Lake to Varney Bay on Rupert Inlet. Marble River Provincial Park on northern Vancouver Island is located along the banks of Marble River and as far as the Quotsino Narrows that joins Holberg and Rupert Inlets with Quotsino Sound. The Park offers excellent opportunities for wilderness hiking, biking, wildlife photography, and of course, fishing.

The Marble River Trail provides access to the river to those who come to watch the salmon spawning in the fall. There is an awesome Salmon spawning viewing area near the trailhead and also at Bear Falls. There is a fish ladder located at Bear Falls, about half ways down the river. Black bears use the park, especially during salmon spawning season. Please be bear aware and be careful. This trail is one of the best mountain biking trails on the north island.

Marble River Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Marble River Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The park is a great destination for angling, including fly-fishing on the river and tidal water fishing in the marine portion of the park. The most popular fly-fishing location, known as the Emerald Pools, is located at the end of the trail.

Walk-in wilderness camping is allowed, and a Western Forest Products Rec Site offers vehicle-accessible camping adjacent to the park and trail. This is a very nice campsite, with great views of the river and lots of places to cast a line in.

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