Myra Falls

Myra Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Myra Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

Myra Falls is located in Strathcona Provincial Park on the south end of buttle lake on Vancouver Island. This rugged forest Park offers many recreational opportunities and some awesome hiking and backcountry camping. Trails range from 15-minute walks to more than 8-hour hikes. A short trail leads from Boliden Westmin mine to the incredible lower Falls and a longer trail heads to the upper falls, both are incredible waterfalls set in a beautiful west coast rain forest.

The opening scene from the movie, the Scarlett Letter was filmed right here, the falls played a big role in the scene.

Other trails lead to the lower thelwood valley, a great place to view wildlife like black bears, roosevelt elk, cougars and many smaller forms of wildlife including beaver, otter and maybe a Vancouver Island marmot.

From Myra falls, you can hike to price creek, philips ridge, tennent lake, and mount myra. Bring your camera and have a good time.

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