Nymph Falls

Nymph Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Nymph Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Nymph falls is a beautiful little park and a great place for hiking. You can watch the salmon spawning run in the fall, it’s awesome to watch them swim up past the falls as they run up the fish ladder.

The river and falls are located right in the middle of a wondrous rain forest that is full of old trees that are covered in a velvety soft and green moss, an incredible place of beauty. There are many rare plants here as well, some, like the scoulers harebells are very rare,  add to this an incredible assortment of mushrooms, and you have a great place to take a walk-in.

The trails along the river are well maintained, you can hike around both sides of the Puntledge River and you can sometimes see bears, cougars, deer, and many other smaller forest creatures here along with many kinds of birds, so don’t forget your camera.

This is a premier kayaking river, the higher the river flow, the more exciting the run. The Puntledge River and nymph falls are located in the Courtenay area and can be reached in just a short drive from town.

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