Stoton Falls

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Stoton Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Stoton Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Stoton Falls is a wonderful place for swimming and hiking. You can swim in any of the potholes that can warm up so nicely or for the more adventurous swimmers, there are some great cliffs to jump from. Stoton Falls is generally a safe place to swim, however, be sure to check the water levels as the river can get dangerous when the water levels rise.

There are trails down both sides of the river with many places to access the river at, the trails are in great shape and run through a nice forest setting, lots of great views of the river from the trails, with many access trails running to the river as you hike along.

There is a great chance to see black bears here as well as deer, many types of smaller creatures and a wonderful assortment of birds, there are many plants and wild-flowers along the trails and an incredible variety of mushrooms in the fall.

To get to Stoton Falls, drive up lake trail road in Courtenay and turn right on the Comox logging road. Stay on the logging road, veering right when you reach the industrial area. A short drive further you will come across the water pipeline followed by another bridge. This is where you will find Stotan falls.

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