Three Sisters Falls

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To reach the Three Sisters Falls, you take the head bay rd from just outside Gold River and travel almost to Tahsis, as you drive along the road, keep an eye out for the three sisters waterfalls sign on the side.

The Three Sisters Falls cascade down the mountain in a spectacular fashion dropping a total of 1573 meters from the top of Malaspina Peak. This is an incredible sight to see.

Tahsis is not too much farther down the road from the falls. Tahsis itself is absolutely beautiful. There are breathtaking mountain views, some of the best caves on the island, and world-class wildlife viewing. There is a good chance to see black bears, cougars, deer, elk on any number of smaller forest creatures and many kinds of birds can be seen here.

Tahsis offers climbers and cavers some of Vancouver Island’s best caving, climbing, and bouldering, including the leiner bouldering trail. Two local cave systems are Upana Caves located along the tree to sea drive, just before bull lake summit coming from Gold River and coral cave, located high on the mountainside overlooking the town of Tahsis.

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