Tsuxwin Falls

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Waterfalls, Pacific Northwest

Tsuxwin Falls, Vancouver island, Pacific Northwest
Tsuxwin Falls, Photo By Bud Logan

If you follow hwy 28 past Gold River, the road travels along Gold River to the ocean at Muchalat Inlet. About halfway along is a stunning view of the Gold River canyon and a large waterfall at the tsuxwin Viewpoint. The Tsuxwin Falls viewpoint features a picnic site strategically placed near the side of river cascading down a 600 foot drop. This is a very impressive waterfall during the spring runoff.

There is a campground just down the road from here where you can set up camp on the Gold River. The campground is located just 5 km from town on the banks of the Gold River, Just head towards the gold river estuary and follow the signs. The campgrounds are rustic but well maintained. The available services include picnic tables and fire pits at each site and pit toilets that are located within the campground. There are 20 campsites and an overflow camping area that includes a large covered shelter that could come in handy during the wet weather.

Tsuxwin Falls, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Tsuxwin Falls, Photo By Bud Logan

This is a very pretty spot with large trees and the gold river rushing by. You can see bears, cougars, deer and all sorts of little creatures here and if bird watching is your thing, then this is the place to be. So come on over for a visit and bring your camera.

There are many places close by to explore, you are not very far from Tsuxwin Falls and they are a sight to see, there is an upper falls that almost touches the road and a lower falls that tumble down to the Gold River. Or you can go down to the estuary to photograph the local birds and sea life, Or maybe you can head out on the Tahsis road and visit the Upana caves, these caves are perfect for amateur spelunkers.

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