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Douglas Aster

Douglas Aster, Vancouver Island, BC
Douglas Aster, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Douglas Aster is generally described as a perennial. It grows all over the coast of BC. This plant is native to the Pacific Northwest and has its most active growth period in the spring and summer.

The Douglas Aster has green foliage and inconspicuous purple flowers, with an abundance of conspicuous brown fruits or seeds. The greatest bloom is usually observed in the late summer, with fruit and seed production starting in the summer and continuing until fall. Leaves are not retained year to year.

The plant has a short life span relative to most other plant species, a rapid growth rate though. It is a rhizomatous wildflower with erect, usually singular stems 130 cm high. It is highly variable and may resemble both leafy aster and Eaton’s aster.

The Plant blooms with several to many flower heads which are each up to 4 cm wide. The up to 30 petals are violet and about 1 cm long and surround the yellow to reddish-purple disk flower.

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