Gold River

Gold River, Vancouver Island, BC
Gold River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Gold River flows through the town of Gold River and empties into Muchalat Inlet, 14 km below the town. If you don’t mind cold, icy water, you can take a dip in the clean, clear waters of the glacier river. You can also take a trip down the rapids in a tube. A popular swimming spot in town is the Heber River Canyon or the more adventurous can leap from the cliffs at Peppercorn Park.

For the fly fisherman, the river is considered to be a premier steelhead fishing river, one of the best in the province. The river features a summer and a winter run of Steelhead, giving you year-round catch and release steelhead fishing that is easily accessed from numerous places along its banks. The steelies get real big in this river. The winter run is from December to March and the summer run from June to August, but steelhead is present throughout the year. Making this one of our premier steelhead rivers.

Gold River, Vancouver Island, BC
Gold River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Gold River area is surrounded by many freshwater lakes, most of which contain wild fish stocks, and many of the lakes in the area are also stocked with cutthroat and rainbow trout. Trout sizes can vary from lake to lake, and it is not uncommon to catch rainbow trout weighing 2 kg. or cutthroat trout of over 2.5 kg. Muchalat Lake, star lake, and antler lake all offer good trout fishing from a canoe, boat, or spin casting/ fly-fishing from shore.

The area is full of wildlife for your viewing and one can expect to see black bears, blacktail deer, roosevelt elk, and cougars plus lots of birds, so come on and try some fishing and bring your camera.

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