Gray Lake

Gray Lake
Gray Lake, Photo By Robert Logan

Gray lake is between fry lake and Brewster lake on Vancouver Island, this is a pretty little lake with some big fish. I pulled a 3 kg out of here a number of years ago. At one time you could cross the trestle to the far side of the lake, I used to go mushrooming over there.

A bunch of friends and I were camping here and one of them brought a 6 lb salmon with him to roast up at dinner. He told only me that he had it. In the morning on the first day, he headed down to the lake to fish, secretly taking the salmon with him. In about 10 minutes, he returned to the campsite, holding that fish up high and telling all that the fish were biting and that they were big. You should have seen the other guys scramble to get their rods into the water.

They were none too happy when they found out it was a joke, man, l laughed pretty well over that. They got over it and realized just how funny it must have looked, tripping over each to be the first one with a line in the water.

Gray Lake
Gray Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There is a nice campsite here and a car-top boat launch for your use. There have been recent improvements to the campgrounds, this is great as this is a very nice campground on a very nice lake. The lake is part of the Sayward valley canoe route.

The fishing is good and there is plenty of wildlife in the area that you will see some, you could see bears, deer, elk, cougars or many other smaller forest animals and there is lots of birdlife here so bring your camera. Take home some memories.

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