Indian Pipeplant

Indian Pipeplant, Vancouver Island, BC, BC Coastal Region
Indian Pipeplant, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

The Indian Pipeplant is a unique and strange plant that grows solitary or in clumps both small and large from a very dense root system. They occur in moist, dark deep shaded woods that have rich soil. Indian Pipe Plant. It is fairly rare, and it is said to appear almost overnight, just like a mushroom.

In place of leaves, it has clear colorless scales. The flowers are usually a cream color and nodding on stems that can reach 20 cm or more. The flowers are shaped like a smoking pipe stuck into the ground by its stem.

The flowers turn black with age and turn upwards to point at the sky, there may be stems leftover from previous years mixed in with this year’s plant.

The plant gets all its nutrients from dead plants or animal matter. Other common names are Ghost Flower, Ice Plant, and Corpse Flower for their ability to grow on dead animal matter.

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