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Kin Beach Park

Kin Beach Park, Vancouver Island, BC
Kin Beach Park, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Kin Beach Park can be found out in the Comox area. To reach this park, drive to the Comox Airbase Gate and turn left, follow the road for a few km, and you will see the entrance to the park.  Kin Beach Park offers a beautiful day-use area with picnic facilities, a playground,  and beach trails, as well as a campground. This small park is right on the Strait of Georgia and you can quite often see dolphins, seals, and sea lions as well as awesome views of the coastal mountains. Local residents and visitors flock to this beach for picnics, or to walk along the beach looking for sea life, and of course to spend a night or two camping.

There is a large field of green grass where you can play Frisbee or just let the kids run wild, and there is a great little store on the grounds where snacks and other goods are available.

Kin Beach Park Store, Vancouver Island, BC
Kin Beach Park Store, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

You can go canoeing or kayaking here, paddlers can access the water right from the shores of the park. The waters here are great for fishing right from your kayak, just follow regulations, and you could bring a fresh meal back to your campsite. Fires are permitted at this park and wood can be purchased from the Park Caretaker. Fees for firewood are set locally and may vary. To preserve vegetation and ground cover, please don’t gather firewood from the area around your campsite, or elsewhere in the park. There are 18  campsites at Kin Beach Park. Reservations are recommended.

We love visiting this beautiful little park, it’s like a hidden treasure just outside Comox. It’s hard to get my grandson to leave as he has so much fun here. So pack up your gear, grab your camera and come on out and spend a few days camping in this gem of a park.

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