Klaklakama Lake Rec Site

Klaklakama Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Klaklakama Lake Rec Site, Photo By Russ Porter

The Klaklakama Lake Rec Site or might I say, klaklakama lakes Rec Sites, there are two of them, are called the highlight of the Nimpkish Valley by some, I do agree. You can access these lakes in a car. There are two recreational sites on the lakes with good boat launches and some great fishing.

The stocked trout can reach 30 to 40 cm in size but the wild dolly varden can get up to 2.5 kg in size and really give you a great fishing experience. Fly-fishing, spin casting, or trolling in spring or fall is the best way to get these lunkers.

The camping here is great with a well looked after campsite. The Camping is great, the wildlife here is awesome, and the birds here are not camera-shy, you have a good chance of seeing black bears, cougars, wolves, elk, deer, and other smaller forest animals. So bring your camera.

Klaklakama Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Klaklakama Lake Rec Sites, Photo By Russ Porter

There are two rec sites on these lakes, one on the smaller lower Klaklakama lake and one on the larger upper Klaklakama Lake. The lower lake has a small campsite area with room for about 5 groups and a boat launch, the upper lake rec site has a sandy beach, a boat launch and there are some impressive trees growing right in the site, there is room for about 4 groups to camp here.

To reach the rec sites, take the inland island hwy past the Sayward Valley,  turn off when you reach the Mount Cain ski hill road. Turn onto Mount Davie Road and then south onto Duncan Road. Go another 2 km and then turn left on the Nimpkish Main South, another km will get you to the lakes.

The mountain views you get as you drive these roads are incredible, take your time and enjoy them, l am always taken back by the beauty of this area. I am sure you will be too.

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