Lantzville, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Lantzville, Photo By Bud Logan

Lantzville is such a pleasant little community, it’s located just north of Nanaimo. It was named after Harry Lantz. In the late 1800s, he invested heavily in mining here. Before the mines were opened, there was not much going on in the area. There were just 8 families homesteading along the shores. When the mines began operating, there was quite an influx of miners and new settlers, businesses began to spring up to provide services for the mines and to offer trade goods to the miners. Lantzville was starting to become a community. It was a great area where the people took pride in their homes and always were willing to offer help where it was needed.

Lantzville is still like this, the people here are still helping one another and the homes always look great with wonderful gardens and as you drive around the area, people will stop and wave with a big smile. The town is wonderful with its quaint buildings, some of which are old but well-kept, the Lantzville hotel is one of these, it was built in the mid-20s and was made famous by its ban on dancing, the owners thought dancing led to trouble. It is still a nice hotel today.

Lantzville, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Lantzville Beaches, Photo By Bud Logan

There is much to do here for those who enjoy the outdoors, you can go mountain biking on the Blackjack ridge loop trail, you can go right up to round lake on this combination of trails and gravel roads. The round trip is about 12 km long.

If you head over to Schooner cove located in Nanoose Bay, you can view the sea lions that winter on Ada island, there can be up to 400 of these majestic animals there at any given time, during the winter months. There are many beaches where you can stroll along, keep your eyes open for treasures, beachcombing is kinda a pastime here, it must be the slower pace that life is lived at in this wonderful community.

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