Lost Lake

Lost Lake
Lost Lake, Photo By Robert Logan

Lost lake is one of those small wonders that are all over Vancouver Island, great camping, wonderful fishing, and wildlife that is all around you. This is a jewel of a lake in a wondrous setting. Come and see for yourself. The fishing is great, and the lake is gorgeous. Fly-fishing is pretty awesome here, the shore has lots of shallows with lilies and other plants that are ideal for fly-fishing.

This is a premier mountain biking area with many trails, the lost frog trail is an almost continuous rail grade that runs for 8.5 km, with a few rougher connectors, access is via the north end of Devlin road or from the frog lake road. The frog lake road trail is an optional link between the frog lake and lost lake trail systems, generally easy riding except for cardiac hill. It has this name for a reason.

Lost Lake
Lost Lake, Photo By Robert Logan

This area is close to Campbell River and opens up some easy riding for beginners and still provides a good workout for more experienced riders. You can see plenty of wildlife here and there is some nice bike in camping opportunities for you. Loveland lake campground is just up the road and Elk Falls Park with its new suspension bridge is just down the road. I seem to remember that there was a boy scout a frame cabin somewhere on this or frog lake, wonder if it still is around. Remember staying there and fishing the lake. Will have to research this and let you know what I learn.

Anyway, the area is best known for its trails, over 30 km of them, they are very popular. Bring your camera and get dirty. it’s a great place…ride hard and have fun.

There is another lost lake halfway to Courtenay, it’s up the Duncan main logging road on branch 181 E. Wanted to let you know to save any confusion.

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  1. The A frame at Lost Lake was burnt down. I remember it well going there often since we didn’t live too far away. I remember walking up there a few times and camped in the A Frame. There used to be a note on the front door saying that you are welcome to stay but please leave it as you found it.

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