Middle Quinsam Lake

Middle Quinsam Lake
Middle Quinsam Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Middle Quinsam lake can be found on the quinsam river system. The lake has fair numbers of rainbow and cutthroat trout that can reach as big as 1.5 kg but average around 35 to 45 cm long. There are a few dolly varden in all the lakes, but they are usually small.

Middle quinsam lake is located just off the old Argonaut mine road, Vancouver Island. This is a pretty big lake that holds some big fish. Over the years l have pulled some nice fish from here. I think the first time I was into this lake to fish was back in 1961, the road was very rough, washed out in many places but man, the fishing here and over in Gooseneck lake was incredible.

The lake is a great little fishing lake. You access this road just a couple of km past echo lake on highway 28. when you see the quinsam coal mine road (the old Argonaut mine rd) turn left and follow the signs.

Middle Quinsam Lake
Middle Quinsam Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

This used to be one of my favorite lakes to fish and camp at until quinsam coal started mining the area. Now it’s harder to get to all the lakes in the area because of the mine and l believe that the mine has had a negative effect on the lake.

There are two recreation sites and a car-top boat launch on this lake.

Lower quinsam lake has some nice fish, but for the most part, a boat is needed to fish here as the shore is shallow and lined with reeds. you can fish where the quinsam river flows in from the shore, using the current to float a bobber out into the lake.

You access this lake on the gilson main road. There is a car-top boat launch and rustic camping here.

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