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Mohun Creek Falls

Mohun Creek Falls is spectacular. It’s incredible any time of the year. I used to fish below the falls and hook into some nice size fish. Mohun Creek flows from Mohun and Morton lake on its way to Menzies bay.  There is a great campground at Morton Lake. Mohun lake was named after Charles Mohun, who came to B.C. in 1863, Mr. Mohun worked as a land surveyor throughout B.C. and finished his career in Victoria working in the planning department. He passed away in 1927. Mohun lake was named for him in 1945. The creek was known as trout creek until the mid-70s before it too was named for Mr. Mohun. Where the creek crosses to the camp 5 logging road, is where you will find this gorgeous waterfall. There is a trail on the high side of the road, it’s a pleasant place to take a walk. You can hike up the creek where you find more falls.

Trout Falls, Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC
Trout Creek Falls, Mohun Creek, Photo By Wayne Wright

In the winter months this series of falls is pretty impressive, please be careful as the rocks can be slippery, and the water can run deep and fast.

The fishing was always incredible here in this creek and there was a very large run of sea-run cutthroat that would come every year to the lower reaches, with fish easily reaching 2.5 kilos. There was a great campground right at the mouth and l still remember joining in on fishing derbies here while my family camped on weekends.

Trout Falls, Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC
Trout Creek Falls, Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Now all of Mohun Creek is closed to fishing from December 1st through May 31st and the stretch from the camp 5 mainline bridge crossing to Morton Lake is closed year-round. There are many access routes to the creek below the bridge, some from the logging mainline and others from the Snowden demonstration forest area. There are many mountain bike trails in the Snowden area that will lead you to the river, the wildlife along these trails is impressive, and you just might see black bears, elk, lots of elk, deer, cougars, wolves, and plenty of birdlife. The plant life here is extraordinary with many traditional medicines that grow here.

Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC
Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

So take a short walk up this creek and see this wonderful waterfall, bring your camera and maybe your swim shorts. There are some amazing sights above Trout Creek Falls. Take the trail on the right, just before the falls. The trail is the beginning of the Mohun Creek to Morton Lake trail. It is 7.9 km long if hiked through or double that if returning the way you came. For a few km, you will hike through a variety of forest conditions along the creek. There are a number of nice, but small waterfalls to see.

Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC
Mohun Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Georgina Logan

As you are getting around the 3 to 4 km mark, you will begin to hear a roar. It’s quite loud during the spring when the creek is running full. After a bit, you start to get glimpses of these falls through the trees, the closer you get, the more you see. Then the trail comes right to the falls where you get to see it in all its glory. We are not sure of the name yet, so we call it High Falls as it is more than 20 meters high. This is a very impressive falls indeed.

Small Waterfall, Mohun Creek

After viewing these falls, if you look around, you will see the trail continues. Head up this trail, but as you are nearing the top of the falls, you can bushwhack over to the creek where you will find a large, flat rock on the edge of the falls where you can see right down. When the creek is full, this is quite impressive.

Top of High Falls, Mohun Creek

Go back to the trail and keep going, you will be walking along a canyon containing rapids and small falls. About 0.5 km from High Falls, you will pop out of the trees onto a set of rocky bluffs. Look straight ahead, and you will see a pretty awesome waterfall called the big crack, this name is self-explanatory. Just above the falls is a beautiful rock canyon pool. It looks like a good place for a swim in the summer or perhaps a nice place to just chill for a while.

Big Crack Falls, Mohun Creek

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