Mohun Creek

Mohun Creek flows from Mohun Lake through Morton lake on its way to menzies bay.  There is a great campground at Morton Lake. Mohun lake was named after Charles Mohun, who came to B.C. in 1863, Mr. Mohun worked as a land surveyor throughout B.C. and finished his career in Victoria working in the planning department. He passed away in 1927. Mohun lake was named for him in 1945. The creek was known as trout creek until the mid-70s before it too was named for Mr. Mohun. Where the creek crosses to the camp 5 logging road, there is a gorgeous waterfall on the high side of the road, it’s a nice place to take a walk.

The fishing was always incredible here in this creek and there was a very large run of sea-run cutthroat that would come every year to the lower reaches, with fish easily reaching 2.5 kilos. There was a great campground right at the mouth and l still remember joining in on fishing derbies here well my family camped on weekends.

Now all of mohun creek is closed to fishing from December 1st through May 31st and the stretch from the camp 5 mainline bridge crossing to Morton Lake is closed year-round. There are many access routes to the creek below the bridge, some from the logging mainline and others from the snowden demonstration forest area.

There are many mountain bike trails in the snowden area that will lead you to the river, the wildlife along these trails is incredible, and you just might see black bears, elk, lots of elk, deer, cougars, wolves, and plenty of birdlife. The plant life here is extraordinary with many traditional medicines that grow here.

Lower Mohun Falls flowing fast, Vancouver Island BC, photo by Bud Logan

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