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Mycena Acicula

Mycena Acicula, Vancouver Island, BC
Mycenae Acicula, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

The Mycenae Acicula grows all over Vancouver Island, they are also called orange bonnet or the coral spring Mycena. This mushroom is a species in the Mycenaceae Family. You can see them growing on dead twigs and woody debris in the conifer forests, look for them along streams and bogs. They have orange caps that fade towards the edge that will reach up to 1 cm across, these caps are supported on thin stems that can reach up to 6 cm tall.

These mushrooms are always a delight to see in the wild. When hiking through the woods, keep an eye on fallen logs as these little mushrooms like to grow just on the underside of these logs, you might need to kneel down to see them. Sometimes there will be dozens of them shinning orange and looking very majestic for their small size. In the darker forest settings, you can find them growing right out of the moss.

Mycena Acicula, Vancouver Island, BC
Mycena Acicula, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

These are classed as inedible, not sure if it is because of the size or if they can cause trouble when consumed.  The cap is quite brittle, and the taste is bland, there is very little smell to them. I suggest you enjoy seeing these little jewels and then just leave them in the ground.

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