Neck Point Park

Neck Point Park, Parks, Nanaimo, Pacific Northwest
Neck Point Park, Photo By Bud Logan

Neck Point Park is a pretty awesome place to spend a day exploring. Everything from fine pebble beaches to rugged rock cliffs with plenty of trails that will lead from one incredible view to another and there are many views here, all of which will take your breath away. There are more things to do here than would ever think could be contained in just 36 acres. It’s a paradise for photographers, it’s a place of wonders for all. A walk through the forest sections will reveal the small doors in the trees where the park’s little ones live.

There are abundant Garry Oak groves and numerous beaches ready for swimming and if you are a diver, this is a great place for it. Neck Point Park is very popular with the local divers, there is a vast array of underwater sea life here, look to the deepwater rock face where you could meet the resident pacific octopus.

Neck Point Park, Parks, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Neck Point Park, Photo By Bud Logan

If underwater exploration is not for you, then find a pleasant spot on the headland section and look out to sea for sea lions, seals, otters, killer whales, and just maybe you might see a humpback whale breaching. Look to the beaches in late January, early February for the herring spawn, the beaches are brimming with row and the seabirds go wild.

I love walking the trails here, there are many that take you through many types of settings, there are lots of birds here to view, and I have on numerous occasions seen deer and rabbits roaming around the park. The little doors on the trees are such wonders, they look like real doors that could lead into the homes of the pixies. The Garry Oak groves are very picturesque and to just wander under them is a real pleasure. All in all, this is a wonderful little park, a real jewel in the city of Nanaimo.

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