Nixon Creek Campground

Nixon Creek Campground, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Nixon Creek Campground, Photo By Bud Logan

The Nixon Creek Campground is a very pretty site, the rec site has 48 campsites right on the edge of Cowichan Lake, a great site for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming.  This is a great family site surrounded by a beautiful older stand with a real west coast feel. There is a great beach where it is easy to launch boats, kayaks, or canoes. The site fee is $15.00, but there is a $2.00 premium on waterfront sites.

Cowichan lake Is one of the biggest and most popular lakes on Vancouver Island. This lake is 40 km long and has more than 100 km of shoreline. There are numerous campgrounds, resorts and 2 parks on the lake, plenty of beaches and lots of bluffs for diving, all in all, a wonderful lake.

The towns of Youbou and Lake Cowichan are both located on Cowichan Lake. My first visit to this lake was when I was 19, it was 1974 and l had gone with a good friend who had grown up on the lake in Youbou. The mill was still in operation then and the town was busy. The people were quite friendly and how could you not be, the lake has a way of bringing that out in folks.

Nixon Campground, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Nixon Creek Campground, Photo By Bud Logan

The lake is full of rainbow, cutthroat, kokanee, dolly varden and brown trout for your angling pleasure. Some of these fish can reach upwards of 3.5 kg and give you a great fight. A few of the brownies can get much bigger. This lake is regulated to ensure there is a viable fishery.

You can see so much wildlife around this lake, there are black bears, cougars, wolves, elk, deer, and numerous other animals here and a great many birds, along with incredible vistas. Any photographer would be in their glory on this lake.

You can reach the lake from Port Renfrew, Port Alberni, or from Duncan, it’s a paved road from either Port Renfrew or from Duncan, the road is gravel from Port Alberni and is an active logging road. Please drive carefully and always run with your lights on. But no matter which route you take, you will be pleased with the scenery on the way and very impressed with all the lake has to offer once you get here.

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