Ox Eye Daisy Plant

Ox-Eye Daisy, Vancouver Island, BC
Ox-Eye Daisy, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Ox Eye Daisy Plant is a rhizomatous perennial 30 to 75 cm tall. The plant is glabrous to slightly hairy. The leaves become progressively reduced upward.

The flower head is usually solitary at the end of a stem. The bracts are narrow with a narrow dark brown margin. The flowers are white with 15 to 30 petals in a single whorl. Ox Eye daisy reproduces by seed and underground stems. A single plant produces 26,000 seeds and dispersal from parent plants lead to nearby infestations.

Due to its unpleasant taste and odor, most grazers avoid this plant, leaving it to spread easily within grazed grasslands, pastures, and rangelands. It smells like baby vomit. Very unpleasant.

Infestations decrease forage for wildlife, decrease local plant biodiversity, and may compromise vegetative ground cover due to its growth form that results in exposed soil. It invades fields, waste places, and roadsides.

Ox Eye daisy is widely planted and easily escapes cultivation. It is an invasive exotic that can displace native species.

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