Oyster River

The oyster river is a small stream with its headwaters at pearl lake (near buttle lake) and crosses Highway 19 halfway between Courtenay and Campbell River on central Vancouver Island, about half ways to either town, before entering the ocean just past the crossing.

The fishable length of the river is 15 km long. The upper portions of the river are reached by various logging roads. The oyster river is well known for its incredible sea-run cutthroat fishery in the estuary and lower reaches of the river. Winter steelhead and salmon in the spring and fall attract anglers, with a pink salmon fishery during August. Anglers are advised to check fishing regulations prior to fishing in tidal waters. The lower oyster river is one of the best rivers to find cutthroat trout. Every year hundreds of anglers fish the lower sections of the river in search of these beautiful trout. Thanks to the efforts of many organizations and individuals, including the Provincial Fisheries, the cutthroat fishery in this river has never been better.

The river trail itself is a very leisurely walk along the river through a stand of old-growth trees. The trail connects with the oyster river slough at a sandy beach at the south end of Discovery Passage. At the confluence of the river and the beach, look up, and you should see an Eagle’s nest in one of the larger old growth douglas firs that stand just up from the beach.

Oyster River
Oyster River, Photo By Robert Logan

If you drive down the Comox Logging Road until you reach the river, you can hike around a great canyon on the lower side and hike up along the shore on either side of the upper river. There are quite a few people who pan for gold in the upper reaches of the river, with some color always showing up.

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