Edible Plants

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Edible Plants, Pacific Northwest

Chocolate Lily, BC Coastal Region, Edible Plants
Chocolate Lily, Choice Edible Plant, Photo By Bud Logan

The BC coastal region has many choice edible plants that can be harvested from the wild. Some plants are very healthy and some can add a flavor to your table that can not be bought. But please be careful when gathering wild food as some may not agree with you and some can make you quite ill. Some plants can be confused with inedible or poisonous plants so be sure you know what you’ve harvested before eating any wild plant. There are many great field guides for edible plants, so find a decent one for your area and take it out with you.

Don’t over harvest a single species in one location and never harvest endangered species. Only take what you need. Even though a plant may be edible, its flavor may not be to your liking so before harvesting a plant that is new to you, gather a little and try it out beforehand.

Be careful about gathering wild plants in areas that have been sprayed with pesticides, or in areas where you don’t know if spraying has occurred. I don’t gather wild plants along any roads,  the dust from the roads and pollution from exhaust fumes can contaminate the plants. Making them unhealthy for consumption.

So get your book on edible plants and head out into the field, you will have fun, learn about plants and get healthy from both the plants and the walk in the forest.

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