Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal Plants, Pacific Northwest

Self Heal, Medicinal Plants, BC Coastal Region
Self Heal, Photo By Bud Logan

Natural medicine is no longer a back to nature fad but a real down to earth philosophy. A need for more natural healing is like something new to us but in reality, we have always relied on plants for medicine. From time immemorial, man has used plants to treat illness and relieve pain. Over half of the medicines doctors prescribe today are derived from members of the plant kingdom.

Over the ages many magical and mystical powers were ascribed to plants as medicine. Sometimes there abilities to heal were thought to be magical and their healing qualities were feared by some groups like the church. Many people were put to death for their understanding of these healing abilities.

But today we understand the chemical and physical qualities that account for the healing properties of these plants. Yet plants still process a magical quality, just look at the beauty and vast variety of their form. There are many great medicinal plants on the BC coast.

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