Bryum Miniatum

Bryum Miniatum Moss, Vancouver Island, BC
Bryum Miniatum Moss, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Bryum Miniatum moss is a glossy red-brown color that is sometimes a rich green color on the coast, in shaded areas. It can grow to 6 cm high. The leaves are even along the stem, and they can grow to 3 mm long, when moist.

This moss grows all over Vancouver Island. I have seen it at the high tide line and at 1000 meters. Sometimes this moss is green.

Mosses like other plants convert sunlight into sugar by photosynthesis using the chlorophyll in its cells. Plants are a critical part of the energy conversion system that makes life possible. By converting electromagnetic energy from the sun into chemical energy, plants are at the base of food chains, and thus provide energy to higher organisms.

This a fascinating moss as it is such a bright red color up on the bluffs, I always enjoy seeing it.

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