Plagiothecium Undulatum

Plagiothecium, Vancouver Island, BC
Plagiothecium, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Plagiothecium Undulatum moss is also known as wavy leaved cotton moss, it is a large, mat-forming moss, with pale green shoots that are sparsely branched, the shoots are up to 6 cm long, and up to 6 mm wide. The leaves are up to 3 mm long, and very wavy. It would be hard to confuse it with other species, owing to its large mat form, pale green color, and distinct wavy leaves.

It grows all over the pacific northwest and is very common on the BC coast. You can, it find growing in deciduous woodlands, coniferous forests, wetlands, and bogs.

This moss is usually found in shaded areas, on humus, rotten logs, at the base of trees, and sometimes on rocks.

This beautiful green moss is sometimes referred to as snake moss because of the shape of its leaves. I like the look of this moss, it is appealing to the eye.

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