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Evergreen Blackberry, Vancouver Island, BC
Evergreen Blackberry, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Evergreen blackberry is a spreading evergreen shrub in the rose family that grows up to 2 meters tall. Stems are erect when young, but arch to touch the ground as they grow and root at the nodes. Stems are heavily armed with sharp thorns. New canes are produced each year and usually die after flowering and fruiting in the second year.

The leaves are a shiny green above and paler below. White flowers appear from late spring to early summer. Flowers are about 2.5 cm across, borne in clusters, and are composed of both male and female parts on the same flower. The blackberries are juicy and very tasty, about 2 cm long and are produced in tight clusters. Plants reproduce by seed and stems will root when they come in contact with the soil.

Evergreen blackberry prefers full sun and dry soil and is found in woodland edges, along fences, and in clearings. This aggressive shrub forms dense bushes that take up large areas.

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