Fairy Bells

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Wildflowers, Plants and Ferns, Pacific Northwest

Fairy Bells, BC Coastal Region
Fairy Bells, Photo By Bud Logan

The Hookers Fairy Bells is a lovely perennial wildflower with several to many erect to ascending stems, these stems can be up to 60 cm high. The stems are slender, not much branched, and somewhat pubescent above. The individual leaves have parallel venation and measure up to 15 cm long.

The inflorescence is a cluster of up to 5 pendant flowers at the tips of the stems. The individual flowers are white and bell shaped, elliptic in shape with narrow bases and measuring from 9 to 18 mm long. The fruit is a red berry measuring up to 9 mm long and oval in shape with one slightly pointed end.

They are beautiful plants growing in the shade of wooded areas and are a common sight along the coastal trails in April and early May. Hookers Fairy Bells grow all over Vancouver Island, Southern BC and down through Washington to Northern Oregon.

The berries are edible but not very sweet or tasty, squirrels and birds find them irresistible though.

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