Fringe Cup

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Wildflowers, Plants and Ferns, Pacific Northwest

Fringe Cup, BC Coastal Region
Fringe Cup, Photo By Bud Logan

The Fringe Cup grows all over the BC coastal region as well as from Alaska down the pacific coast to Oregon including all of Vancouver Island. This unique flower has several basal, maple style leaves with 5 lobes and rounded teeth along the margin. The leaves are up to 5 cm long.

The stem is largely leaf free until a cluster of white flowers with deeply cleft petals. Although there are only 5 petals, they are deeply cut into three lobes. In some cases, a close glance will be necessary to identify the individual petals. It may appear that there are many petals, as the clefts may cut almost to the base of the petal.

These pretty flowers grow in moist forests, along stream banks and in meadows. In my area, the wild spaces come alive with masses of fringe cups in full bloom. The Fringe Cup begins flowering around April. It’s always a treat to see these plants covered in fragrant blooms.

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