Oregon Stonecrop

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Wildflowers, Plants and Ferns, Pacific Northwest

Oregon Stonecrop, Wildflowers, Pacific Northwest
Oregon Stonecrop, Photo By Bud Logan

The beautiful Oregon Stonecrop grows on all of the BC coastal region and is a pretty sight to see. The plant is a sprawling succulent that has ascending flowering stems.

The leaves form a crowded rosette. They have fleshy and somewhat flattened leaves that are green but often turning bronze. The stem leaves alternate. The flowers form a dense group of up to 16 individual flowers. Flowers are united at the base, then opening wide with lance shaped long sharply pointed tips that are yellow to red or red to brown anthers.

Oregon Stonecrop grows on rocky ledges, gravelly places and talus slopes, from sea level right up to the alpine areas of of the coast.

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