Sea Blush

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Sea Blush, Vancouver Island, BC
Sea Blush, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Sea Blush grows from Coastal BC including all of Vancouver Island down as far as Northern California. The flower has erect slender stems with clasping leaves, the leaves are widely oval with pointed tips. The flower is a round cluster of dark pink flowers that bloom on the stem top. The flowers are divided at the opening to 5 same unequal lobes of the same color, with no spots.

It grows on coastal bluffs or partly shaded spring-wet slopes from coastline to mid-elevations. Often forms large showy patches. Sea Blush is often found on grassy bluffs near the ocean. Its name is derived from the color of its blooms, which are a light pink color. This flower can also be found in moist meadows, on open rocky slopes and along the buffs and foothills throughout the Northwest.

Sea Blush is a flower that is appealing to the eye but may not be to your sense of smell. It releases an unpleasant odor that is not consistent with its aesthetic appearance. In the Northwest, this plant is known for starting to grow while the weather is still quite cold,  cold air seems to help spur them out of the ground. They may take up to three years to fully establish themselves.

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