Woodland Strawberry Plant

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Wildflowers, Plants and Ferns, Pacific Northwest

Woodland Strawberry Plant, BC Coastal Region
Woodland Strawberry Plant, Photo By Bud Logan

The Woodland Strawberry is a low perennial with scaly rhizome, long slender trailing stolons, leaf stalks and flower stems that are a greenish or very lightly tinged reddish purple, they are lightly hairy. The Leaves are basal,  with 3 leaflets, each leaflet is ovate with straight, prominent veins and no individual leafstalks, they are slightly pointed at the tip and the margins appearing roughly toothed with the terminal tooth protruding past the two adjacent lateral teeth.

The Flowers are found up to 15 on stems that are up to 25 cm long (usually longer than leaves) with white petals that are up to 11 mm long. The Fruit is a small, delicious, red berry with seeds distributed on the surface, they ripen in July. Woodland Strawberries like to grow in moist open woods, stream banks, and meadows and are widespread across the B.C.coast.

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