Woolly Sunflower

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Wildflowers, Plants and Ferns, Pacific Northwest

Woolly Sunflower, BC Coastal Region
Woolly Sunflower, Photo By Bud Logan

The Woolly sunflower is a beautiful flower that grows wild all over the south coast, l have transplanted this plant into my garden beds at home and its a nice addition to them.

Flowers bloom singly on long stems that rise above foliage, the leaves are a beautiful silvery blue color. Flowers bloom from the end of may to August. Woolly sunflower prefers dry, open areas like rocky bluffs talus slopes in low to mid elevations. In B.C. it ranges along the coast southward from Vancouver Island, lower mainland and into the Fraser Canyon.

This beautiful plant can and has been used in home gardening. Its a native plant so is hardy for our area and it needs little water and looks incredible beautiful. It takes a bit to get it established, but once it has, it will bloom for years. Another great factor is its resistance to deer.

Woolly Sunflower, BC Coastal Region
Woolly Sunflower, Photo By Bud Logan

Container grown plants transplant quite easily. Water them well until established. Seed planted in the spring should produce flowering plants in the summer. Plants will self seed after they become established and the plants will be drought tolerant. To gather seeds, hand collect the dried flower heads into paper bags and then gently shake the bag to loosen the seed. Keep the seeds in a dry cool place and plant in the spring.

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