Rosy Gomphidius Mushroom

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Rosy Gomphidius Mushroom, Edible Mushrooms, Pacific Northwest
Rosy Gomphidius Mushroom, Photo By Bud Logan

The slimy, but beautiful Rosy Gomphidius Mushroom is quite common in the douglas fir forests of the Pacific Northwest. It has a pinkish cap with white gills that reach down the stem, the mushroom has a slimy veil sheathing it that must be removed before eating, the spore print is almost black.

It can be found under coniferous forests in most of North America, but it is much more common in the pacific northwest growing in the douglas fir forests. Grows with conifers, especially douglas fir and can be found growing alone or in small groups, rare in eastern North America, more common in the Rocky Mountains and grows all over the Pacific coast.

The cap is up to 5 cm wide and rounded. It is very slimy and a red to pink in color, like salmon flesh, sometimes it is mottled with brownish to olive shades. The gills run down the stem and are pale at first, then become a smoky gray in color. The stem up to 8 cm long and up to 10 mm wide, more or less equal with a bit of flaring to base. The flesh is white in the cap and yellow in the stem. The spore print is gray to black. The Rosy Gomphidius Mushroom is edible but there is not much flavor to it.

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