Zellers Boletus Mushroom

Zellers Bolete, Vancouver Island, BC
Zellers Bolete, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Zellers Boletus Mushroom is an edible species of mushroom in the family Boletaceae. It can be found solely in western North America from British Columbia south to Mexico, they are prolific on Vancouver Island.

The mushrooms are distinguishable by their dark reddish-brown to almost black caps with bumpy surfaces, the yellow pores that look like a sponge on the underside of the caps, and the red with yellow streaks on the stems.

The fungus can be found in summer and autumn growing on the ground, often in Douglas fir forests or on their edges. This species grows by itself or in small groups on the ground usually in the forest duff beneath mature coniferous forests.

Care should be taken to ensure that specimens collected for consumption are free of maggots, usually, the young mushrooms are less likely to have maggots in them. There is no real odor and the taste is pleasant but slightly acidic. This mushroom grows in great abundance in some areas on Vancouver Island and is a nice mushroom to add to a meal.

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