Forked Tube Lichen

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Forked Tube Lichen, Vancouver Island, BC
Forked Tube Lichen, Vancouver Island, BC Photo By Bud Logan

The Forked Tube Lichen has a thallus that is pale olive-gray to ivory yellow, to ivory and flat and spreading. It is small to medium-sized, 5 to12 cm. It is loosely attached to the substratum and slightly inflated. It is irregularly divided into many narrow lobes, quite often becoming crowded towards the center.

The ascendant tips are recurved shaped with the black or brown under surface showing on the edge of the lobes. The tips of the lobes often brown. It’s a pretty lichen, always impressive to see it.

Forked Tube Lichen grows abundantly on the BC coast and if you just look around in our coastal forests, you will see it. Lichens grow on every part of the BC coastal region and when you start to look for them, you will realize that they are very abundant and so very pretty to see, take a very close look and you will be amazed at their beauty.

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