Peltigera Membranacea Lichen

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Peltigera Membranacea Lichen, Vancouver Island, BC
Peltigera Membranacea Lichen, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The pelts are perhaps my favorite lichens. They come in such varieties and colors. Peltigera Membranacea  Lichen is also called the membrane dog lichen or just dog lichen. It grows all over the BC coast. Look for them on trees and rocks.

If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see a few orangey-red structures along the edge of the thallus. These are the apothecia, these fruiting bodies will release spores. However, spore release is a poor way for lichens to reproduce because when the spore reaches a new environment, the fungal component of the lichen will begin to grow, but it must somehow find its related algae in order to become a lichen.

Lichens can propagate themselves better through breakage and distribution of a part of the thallus, which contains all parts of the composite organism including the algae to the new environment.

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