Non Edible Mushrooms

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Non Edible Mushrooms, Pacific Northwest

Amanita Muscaria, Vancouver Island, BC, Non Edible Mushrooms
Amanita Muscaria, Photo By Bud Logan

Non Edible Mushrooms differ in their effects according to the chemical nature of their toxins. Medical science recognize about 6 quite different classes of mushroom poison. The most virulent, like those from the amanita species are quite often deadly. There are other toxins just as deadly in other mushrooms. Some cause varying degrees of illness but are not in the most part as deadly.

Some mushrooms can be quite tasty and good to harvest in parts of their territories but then can be quite poisonous in other parts. This makes harvesting them a real challenge.

I suggest you developed a short list, say around 12 mushrooms, that you gather and then stay with them. After getting to know these, you can add one or two new ones a year and after a few years, you will have quite a decent list of mushrooms that you harvest. Always try just a small portion when trying out a new mushroom, mushrooms have a variety of effects on different people.

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