Bluing Psilocybe Mushroom

Cyanescens, Wavy Cap, Vancouver Island, BC
Cyanescens, Wavy Cap, Vancouver Island, BC

The Bluing Psilocybe Mushroom grows all over the Pacific Northwest. The cap is wide and slightly convex but as the mushroom matures, the cap becomes nearly flat with a wavy edge. The cap is also sticky, moist, and smooth with a dark chestnut brown color fading to an almost tan color.

The cap, along with the stem bruise blue when touched. The bluing is very intense and sudden. The gills are attached, nearly distant and broad. The gills are light brown but get darker with age. The stalk is thick and curved in a creamy white color, usually with blue bruises. This mushroom also has a white partial veil. The spore print is purple to brown.

This mushroom should be considered poisonous and dangerous. It is a hallucinogenic Mushroom. But it can make you very ill as well.

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